December 28, 2021
Medical Coding

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Coding School

By Janine Mothershed

Searching for a career in the medical industry that plays an important role behind the scenes? You may be looking for schooling options in healthcare right now. Medical Coding is the perfect career to look into.  See if Coding Clarified is a good fit for you. We will answer some common questions about medical coding careers, including duties and responsibilities, training options, certifications, salary information, etc.

1. What is Medical Coding?

Medical Coding is a profession that analyzes the patient’s clinical records with information and converts them into a standard code specified in the classification system. Insurance companies use translated documents to process and recover their claims. The government along with healthcare and research organizations use data to conduct research, as well.

2. What skills should Medical Coders have? 

1. Motivation- Medical Coding requires a certification and online schooling. This is a self-    paced program that you can complete within as little as 16 weeks. Many Medical Coding  jobs are work-from-home opportunities so you must be focused and have the necessary  drive to accurately and diligently perform assigned tasks.

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2.Knowledge- Understanding codes, having knowledge of medical terminology and  anatomy, various diseases, injuries and the medical procedures to treat them is key to  success. The ability to understand surgical and medical records is important, likewise.  You will acquire all this knowledge and information in our Medical Coding course.

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3. Computer Savvy- Knowing how to use the computer and how to type quickly is a must. Most data is managed via computer programs.

4. Accuracy- Good attention to detail and the ability to multitask is a must. You must also maintain integrity as the Medical Coder has access to patients’ confidential medical files and other sensitive data.

5. Communication Skills- Good communication is essential when communicating with doctors, surgeons and personnel. Sometimes even with patients.

3. Where do Medical Coders work?

Certified Medical Coding Professionals mainly work-from-home. Some work at hospitals, in doctor’s and medical offices.

4. Why is Medical Coding so important? 

Medical Coders play a key role in ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of a patient’s medical records. Medical Coding professionals may find mistakes that can lead to medical practice errors, such as duplicate tests.

5. How long does it take to become a medical coder? 

You can complete your certification in as little as 16 weeks, studying 8-12 hours per week. You may take longer if needed. You will  have one year from the date of purchase to complete.

6. What do you need to know before starting Medical Coding school? 

Apply for a scholarship at the start of the process to see if you qualify. You must have the time to dedicate to completing the program. Know that you will need to complete an internship to become a full Certified Professional Coder. We offer an internship opportunity to all of our students. Find out more about our internship here.

7. What lessons will I be taking at Medical Coding School? 

Students learn basic health sciences, information about the health system in the United States, practical coding skills and office administration skills. Medical Coding students also complete and internship to obtain work hours.

8. Do I need a certification to work in the medical coding industry?

Typically, a Medical Coding Certification is preferred and required to find a career. A certification confirms that you not only completed a Medical Coding program, but also confirms to your employer that you have learned the principles of Medical Coding at a higher level.

9. Why Should I Attend a Medical Coding School? 

Higher wages, landing a job and better opportunities are all reasons why you should go to a Medical Coding school. If you choose Coding Clarified, we help you every step of the way.

-You may qualify for a Medical Coding Scholarship at no cost to you

-Medical Coding Internship for one year of experience recognized through AAPC

-Professionally written resume

-Audio files from coding books

-Online HCC Internship

10. Is it easy to find a Medical Coding Job?

We offer all our students job placement resources and Assistance. We also have an online job database with opportunities around the US. Take a look at the current listings.

11. Why should I start a career in Medical Coding?

There are many reasons to become a Medical Coder. The industry is always growing from year-to-year. There will always be job security in the health field. You may qualify for a scholarship that makes your schooling absolutely FREE. This is an amazing work-from-home opportunity for your future. If you choose Coding Clarified, we will help you every step of the way. Apply for a scholarship today.

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