February 11, 2022
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The Most Affordable Online Medical Coding School

By Janine Mothershed

Coding Clarified is excited to offer prospective students a new financing option. This makes our program very affordable for everyone. Getting your Medical Coding Certification is now attainable to all. Invest in your new career. It is more affordable than you could ever imagine.

We strive to make our medical coding plans flexible and affordable. This is why we provide a low monthly payment option for each student. We are committed to providing you with quality education at an affordable price.


If you were denied for loans, we have the perfect financing package for you. With as little as $750 down, a $49 setup fee and as low as $85 per month, we can finance you. This is guaranteed financing that everyone with a saving or checking account will be approved for. Spread out the payments for a no worry approach.

Affordable Monthly Options:

1041.68/Month for 3 Months

530.48/Month for 6 Months

402.73/Month for 8 Months

326.11/Month for 10 Months

275.05/Month for 12 Months

190.07/Month for 18 Months

129.58/Month for 28 Months

101.14/Month for 38 Months

84.70/Month for 48 Months

Be sure to eSign your loan documents when you apply. Once they are signed and the contract is accepted, you will receive the login within 24 business hours. The course is designed to start immediately upon receiving the login.

Get Started NOW

We have many other financing plans if you would like to pay it off quicker. See all financing options.

Why Choose Medical Coding? 

If you like helping others, this may be the career for you. Healthcare is growing at a faster rate than most other industries. The rise in patients and hospitalizations means more work for Medical Coders. Medical coding is in high demand and always will be. You will also be working with other doctors and healthcare professionals. As a Certified Medical Coder (CPC), you will be an important part of the team. Doctor’s visits require properly coded documentation for all appointments and patients. Every insurance company, from private companies to Medicare, have their own forms and coding requirements. Count how many doctor’s offices, hospitals and health insurances are in the country and you can see why Medical Coding is such a lucrative job. If you are searching for a stable career with good income, you need to consider Medical CodingInvest in yourself today.

Why Choose Coding Clarified?

Coding Clarified offers Medical Coding Certification schooling fully online. You can complete your certification in just a few months and learn anytime, anywhere. Our Medical Coding Program teaches you everything you need to know to get started as a Medical Coding Specialist. No previous medical experience is necessary.

-We offer extremely affordable financing with ONLY $750 down and $85 monthly

-Coding Clarified is a fraction of the cost of most Medical Coding Schools

-We have classes starting daily

-Our program is online and self-paced

-You can earn your certification in as little as 16 weeks

-We assign you to your own certified coding instructor

-Membership to Coding Clarified’s Facebook Group is included

-We offer a professionally written resume to our Medical Coding students

-With our HCC Coding Internship, gain the experience that employers desire, available to all students

-Our students that complete the program and internship have a 100% success rate in landing a job

-Everything is included from start to finish

Make 2022 the start of a new career. Take the first step to your new career NOW.

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