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Supported by credentialed, experienced medical coding professionals, Coding Clarified is equipped to handle today’s problems with medical coding consultation services. Specializing in EMS, ED, we provide operational, financial, and informational/logistical consulting solutions.

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Benefit from the Best Medical Coding Professionals

Coding Clarified provides operational, financial, and informational/logistical medical coding consultations with several services available.

Financial EMS/ED Consulting Services


Coding Clarified offers financial EMS/ED consulting services to promote the financial health of healthcare organizations.

Cost recovery improvement.

Financial systems assessments.

Revenue cycle design.

Financial planning and budgeting.

Training for front-end documentation.

State and Federal grant program assistance.

Medicare and Medicaid claims reviews.

Operational EMS &ED Consulting Services


Through knowledge and education, Coding Clarified delivers operational EMS and ED consulting services to improve an organization’s standards with operational procedures and patient care standards.

Medical transport program reviews.

Strategic and business planning services.

Market research and planning for development and implementation.

Enhancement programs to increase efficiency.

Program development for future projections.

Evaluations for medical and operational quality.

Development and training for customer service.

Design and implementation for communication.

Development and training for HIPAA Compliance Program.

Development and implementation for EMTI and paramedic training.

Informational and Logistical Consulting Service For EMS/ED


Informational and logistical consulting services for EMS/ED with Coding Clarified to design, analyze, and implement for effective systems

Unit hour utilization and demand analysis.

Indicate and measure key operational performance.

Management reporting systems.

Develop and implement measurement tools for improvements.

Retrospective QA/QI

Logistics planning for healthcare systems.

Analyze, design, and implement internal courier and lab services.

Cost analysis development.

Companies We Work With

Corporations and Supporters of Coding Clarified

I used to be part of a 3rd party billing company that coded with a single diagnosis code to meet the minimum coding requirement and did not use certified coders until a Medicare Audit turned them around. After working with Janine Mothershed for the last five years, I have learned how to code with integrity, complete compliance, to the highest specificity, and how to paint the actual picture of what is going on in numbers. I went from being a good coder to being sought after. I am never without work, and I receive continued support from Janine in our joint efforts with mutual clients as well as guidance with my private clients.


Shannon M. Ross-CAC – The Coding Network,LLC

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