External Medical Coding Audits

Coding Clarified offers professional coding audits to determine if the current coding in a healthcare environment is appropriate when compared to the actual clinical documentation that’s recorded on patient charts. Auditing services for medical coding will reveal any variations from the national average that’s resulted from inappropriate coding. With external medical coding audits, we’ll ensure necessary corrections are made.

Auditing Services for Medical Coding

As leaders in medical coding, Coding Clarified understands that quality healthcare relies on accurate and complete clinical documentation in medical records. Often, errors and inaccuracies are made, which is why it’s important to conduct external medical coding audits. Coding Clarified conducts professional coding audits to improve clinical documentation throughout healthcare organizations.

Through our auditing services for medical coding, you’ll benefit from:

  • Increased efficiency and delivery of medical care.

  • Improved financial health as a medical provider.

  • Specific targeting and evaluations of procedural and diagnosis code.

  • Identify and find opportunities of weakness.

  • Discover training and management opportunities.

Let Coding Clarified help you with your coding audit needs. Contact Coding Clarified today to benefit from professional coding audits to strengthen your healthcare organization.

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Coding Clarified provides a self paced online medical coding course to prepare you to become a certified professional coder by taking the CPC exam. In just a few months, you’ll benefit from a stable and rewarding career that’s in high demand.

Through our comprehensive medical coding program, you’ll learn exactly what’s needed to pass the medical coding exam to achieve your certification. With your medical coding credential, you’ll take control of your future to benefit from a rapidly expanding career.

As leaders for medical coding training, Coding Clarified also offers consulting solutions, as well as auditing services to ensure medical records feature accurate and complete clinical documentation. Let us clarify coding for you.


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