February 18, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about Coding Clarified and Our Program

By Janine Mothershed

Who is the owner?

Janine Mothershed CPC, CPC-I is the owner of Coding Clarified. She has more than 15 years of professional coding experience. Janine’s biggest passion is helping others earn the same success she’s had.

Can you tell me more about this school?

Take a look at the website and follow these easy steps.

1. Watch the videos on our training page.

2. Go to the internship page and read all about the ED vs HCC internship.

3. Check out our blog.

4. See if you qualify for a scholarship.

5. Take a look at all options that we have for you.

6. Fill out this form and we will email the summary of information.

How do I attend for FREE through a scholarship grant?

Grant steps

1. Click here to find your state in the alphabetical list.

2. Locate your local workforce area.

3. Contact them.

4. Inform them you want to be a medical coder through Coding Clarified, an

approved ETPL Training Provider of theirs,

5. Ask them next steps in determining eligibility.

6. Email us with your training voucher.

7. Fill out the grant instructions form sent via email after Janine received your training voucher through email.

If I am not approved for a grant, what are my options? 

You may pay for our Medical Coding course in full for ONLY $3,750. Another way is to withdraw the expense from you 401k benefits with no cost to you. We also have multiple financing options from $200-$2,500 down. See all options here.

Do you have other items for purchase?

The CPC® Online Practice Exams, Official CPC® Certification Study Guide and CPC-A Practicode Module are also available on our online store.

These are only for alumni of the Coding Clarified CPC courses and an AAPC number is required to buy these products.

Are you accepting new students?

We have classes starting daily. We would love to have you as a student. We offer scholarships in many states. See if you qualify. Take a look at the paid options.

Where are you located?

We are a nationwide Medical Coding School offering online schooling to all residents in the US.

How can I apply?

We offer scholarships in many states. See if you qualify here.

Take a look at the paid options.

Do you know of anyone hiring Medical Coders?

We have multiple job listings all over the US on our website.

Do you offer Internships?

Yes, visit our internship page and read all about the ED vs HCC internship.

Should I complete the AAPC Medical Coding Practicode Program?

Yes, the importance of this program is significant. It really could make or break someone. Being in an emerging medical field, the need to complete the medical Practicode is strong. It is more than necessary to advance in medical coding much quicker. Although it is not as desirable as real work experience, many people are only hiring CPC’s with the A title removed. You definitely should consider this option. It will give you a great deal of hands-on experience.

Why should I choose Coding Clarified?

-Coding Clarified is a fraction of the cost of most Medical Coding Schools

-We offer extremely affordable financing with ONLY $200 down and $100 monthly

-We have scholarships available

-We have classes starting daily

-Our program is online and self-paced

-You can earn your certification in as little as 16 weeks

-We assign you to your own certified coding instructor

-Membership to Coding Clarified’s exclusive Facebook Group is included

-We offer a professionally written resume to our Medical Coding students

-With our HCC Coding Internship, gain the experience that employers desire, available to all students

-Our students that complete the program and internship have a 100% success rate in landing a job

-Everything is included from start to finish

How can I contact Coding Clarified?

1 (833) Med-Code (633-2633) or email us

Are there any other ways to connect?

We are very active on Facebook

Be sure to join our Facebook Group

We are on Google my Business

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