November 30, 2021

Medical Coding Certification Scholarship

By Janine Mothershed

What is Medical Coding?

Medical Coding occurs each and every time you see a healthcare provider. It entails translating physicians’ reports on healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services and equipment into useful universal codes with letters and numbers. These items are taken from medical record documentation, such as transcription of physician’s notes, laboratory and radiologic results, etc. The healthcare provider reviews your complaint and medical history, makes an expert assessment of what is wrong, how to treat it and documents your visit. Medical information is coded for representation in machine-readable form. The codes are used by medical facilities around the world to store, retrieve, reproduce and communicate information about medical procedures. This documentation is not only the patient’s ongoing record, it is also how the healthcare provider gets paid. Medical Coding professionals help to ensure that the codes are applied correctly for the Medical Billing process.

Considering Medical Coding as a Career

Medical Coders may work from home for a doctor, for various healthcare providers or at a physician’s office. It is possible to start as a coder and rise through the ranks to become a manager/director of coding, the team executive or even the owner of a Medical Coding company. Medical Coding is an essential and fast-growing health career with job security.

Why You Should Choose Coding Clarified

Coding Clarified offers an online self-paced Medical Coding course to prepare you for taking the CPC exam and to become a Certified Professional Coder. Our comprehensive Medical Coding program teaches you exactly what you need to pass the AAPC Medical Coding Exam to get certified. As a leading Medical Coding School, everything needed to become a CPC is included at Coding Clarified. We even provide books and the test voucher. Coding Clarified helps you from start to finish with training, testing, resume, internship and even career placement. The best part is that we offer Medical Coding Certifications and schooling at no cost to you, unlike many other schools out there. Let us clarify coding for you.

FREE Medical Coding Certification

Coding Clarified has partnered with the Workforce in many states to provide Medical Coding Scholarships. We currently offer schooling at no cost to you in 30 different states throughout the US. Here is the complete list of the states in which we offer this amazing opportunity:

States Offering the Medical Coding Scholarship Program 
CaliforniaLouisianaSouth Carolina
ColoradoMaineSouth Dakota
IllinoisNew MexicoWisconsin
IndianaNorth CarolinaWyoming

Workforce Scholarships and How to Apply

Looking for financial support for schooling to become a Certified Medical Coder? Take a look at our scholarship page and click on your state to see the best way to apply and what you need to do to obtain your scholarship. All states are different based on their local Workforce. Eligibility reviews are needed and funding is not guaranteed.

Coding Clarified does not determine eligibility and does not know the eligibility criteria. Every state has its decision-making requirements and they do not publicly issue eligibility criteria of any kind to Coding Clarified. If you are interested in a scholarship program, you will need to find your state in the alphabetical list on our scholarship page and follow the directions provided. You will contact local staff in your area based on the contact information provided. Let them know that you want to become a Medical Coder and that you will be using Coding Clarified, an approved training provider. Ask them what the next steps are to determine your eligibility and follow these steps. Once approved, you can enroll and get Medical Coding classes and certification for FREE. Take advantage of this great opportunity today.

Start a New Career

Medical Coding is a very interesting and rewarding career. You can earn your Medical Coding Certification in as little as 16 weeks. If you live in one of the states mentioned, it is worth applying for your scholarship. You have nothing to lose. Get started on the road to your new career. Apply now.

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