June 2, 2020
What is Medical Coding and How do I Get Certified?

What is Medical Coding and How do I Get Certified?

By Janine Mothershed

About Medical Coding

Medical Coding is the recording of medical data including patient history, diagnosis and treatment into electronic health records. Medical Coding plays a pivotal role in the proper working of the healthcare system. It improves the methods by which patient medical records are shared and used, cuts down costs and reduces mistakes in billing.

Medical Coding is Growing in Popularity

This career is becoming very popular amongst the masses. Medical Coding is an ideal job for those who prefer to work from home during the pandemic, for mothers who have young children, for people that are more productive in their own environment and anyone who loves helping others or is interested in healthcare.

Work-from-home Opportunities

In the present time of the ongoing pandemic and COVID restrictions, attention has focused on online schooling and jobs that can take place from the comfort of your own home. This makes medical coding an even more ideal career choice among other professions. It gives you the benefit of workplace independence. You can stay at home and easily complete your tasks. The flexible working hours are a bonus. However, while many Medical Coding jobs are work from home, there are opportunities to work in an office if that is your preference.

You Will be Helping to Make a Difference 

Medical Coders help others in the background, but are extremely important for healthcare facilities to operate smoothly. Accurate data and coding is key when it comes to doctor’s visits. If you love helping others, this may be the career for you.

You Will Earn a Competitive Salary

Medical Coders earn a competitive salary. On average, $20-25/hour can be expected. This is much higher than many other positions.

Job Security

The healthcare field will always be needed. Certified Professional Coders (CPC) are always in high demand. There are many opportunities to advance in the field. Healthcare services are always increasing, more coders are needed to keep up with this.

Getting Certified is Inexpensive and Fast

Getting Certified is Quick and Schooling can be FREE With a Scholarship. Medical Coding is ideal for people who may want to enter into the healthcare field without going through very difficult ongoing higher education. Our course can be completed in a matter of only 16 weeks. The greatest benefit is that Medical Coding training and certification is provided online and is convenient to you. We offer scholarships in many states nationwide. If you do not qualify for a scholarship, we offer financing and payment plans. Our program is very low cost compared to other Medical Coding Schools. We also help you throughout the entire process.

Apply NOW to get your Medical Coding Certification at no cost through your Local Workforce.

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