November 14, 2023
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What Should You Ask A Medical Coding School Before Enrolling

By Janine Mothershed

Here are the suggestions directly from our Founder and Instructor of Coding Clarified, Janine Mothershed

What Questions Should I ask Medical Coding Schools Before Enrolling:

  1. What certification will I earn? Coding Clarified prepares a student for the CPC Exam. You do not need a certification to become a Medical Biller. There are zero questions regarding billing on the CPC Exam.
  2. Is the instructor licensed, certified and do they have experience? They should be certified, a Professional Coder, CPC at minimum. If they are not, they may not have the knowledge that you need to be successful if they have never coded a chart before. They also will not be able to give you hands-on training like Coding Clarified does. I hold the CPC Certification and  licensed through AAPC with a CPC-I to be an AAPC Instructor. With many years of experience and a background in auditing, I am extremely well versed in Medical Coding.
  3. Is there an exam voucher and is the AAPC Membership included? There are some schools that are less expensive than Coding Clarified, but their exam voucher and the membership for AAPC is not included. If you do not purchase your membership when you are a student, the price goes from $90 up to $200. The Medical Coding exam is in the $450+ range. Taking the AAPC CPC exam is a must. Make sure it is included or factor it in the total cost of the school. It is much easier if it is included and will make for less work for you. AAPC.Com
  4. Is the course at least 80 course credit hours?  The course is required to be 80 course credit hours of education through AAPC to qualify as one year experience towards your apprentice designation assigned to every new medical coder through AAPC. This will ensure that you will become a CPC, rather than a CPC-A (apprentice), with the completion of Practicode .
  5. How am I going to gain the experience that I need? You must have a game plan once you are a CPC-A. This will help you land the job that you want to get. Coding Clarified offers all students an HCC Internship to gain remote coding experience.
  6. Does the school help with job placement for Medical Coding and what is the process? The school may provide job placement assistance or internships to help you secure employment after certification. This is why Coding Clarified developed our very own internship. You will gain experience, build confidence and be successful in obtaining a solid coding foundation through lots of practice.
  7. Does the school help you with writing a professional résumé? We help all of our students write a résumé and our professionals are skilled specifically in resumes for Medical Coding. They will hone in on your applicable experiences to help display accurate knowledge and skillset obtained through this process. Many people graduate and don’t know the skillset they obtained to add onto the resume. An important part of the process to ensure that you are representing yourself and skillset appropriately in a professional environment.
  8. Does the school use the AAPC Curriculum? Coding Clarified is an education partner with AAPC. We ensure that you are getting a curriculum that is top-notch and created by AAPC directly.  The CPC exam was developed by AAPC; therefore, they would be the ones that you would want to learn from. Some schools create their own curriculum. It may be subpar. Ensure that they include ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS in any curriculum.
  9. What is the student pass rate in the medical coding class? Delve in to find the school’s track record for students passing the CPC exam. If they are on social media, see what other students are saying. Look at reviews. Look for the school in Medical Coding groups Here on Facebook to see if anyone recommends them or has been in their program. You may ask the school directly for data on these numbers or examples of graduates who have successfully transitioned into careers in Medical Coding.
  10. Will books included in the tuition? Coding Clarified includes all books with our tuition physical in nature needed to take the CPC Exam.
  11. Is the Medical Coding program online or in-person?  Coding Clarified is 100% online.  You know which situation that you work better in.  At Coding Clarified, we are always here to help our students. You decide if a self-paced option is better for you. It provides flexibility if your schedule is limited.
  12. Is there one-on-one help available and is it timely? As mentioned above, we help our students. Not every school does. We are very timely in our responses. Coding Clarified also has Facebook groups to gain more insight and to ask more questions. All messages are sent via messenger which enables video and audio
  13. How long will it take to get my Medical Coding Certification? Find out how long the Medical Coding Program is and if it is offered as a full-time, part-time or self-paced course. Coding Clarified offers an online self-paced program. You determine how quickly it is completed. The typical student completes it within as little as 16 weeks.
  14. Is the school licensed and by who? Coding Clarified is a post-secondary school and an education partner through the American Academy of Professional Coders, AAPC.
  15. What is the total cost of the medical coding program and are there scholarships offered? Coding Clarified offers scholarships in more than 30 US states. We also have a 401K option to use your benefits towards your schooling for no out-of-pocket cost. We have many different financing options  for those that do not want to pay it now in full. If you will be purchasing the program in full, it is the low price of $4999 with everything included.


By asking these questions, you will be well-prepared to make an informed decision that helps you choose the best Medical Coding School for you and sets you on the path to becoming an efficient Certified Medical Coder. Remember that the right school can make all the difference in a successful career in Medical Coding. 

If you are interested in becoming a Medical Coder after asking these questions to yourself, feel free to send us your contact in the form and we will send you more information. Or read our tips and tricks to become a medical coder


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