March 19, 2022
tips and trips to become a medical coder

Tips and Tricks to Become a Medical Coder

By Janine Mothershed

THINKING ABOUT A CAREER IN MEDICAL CODING? For someone who is just starting out with the idea of becoming a Medical Coder, it can be very stressful and time-consuming to research the best practices.Take a look at these helpful tips and tricks to assist you along the way.

1. Choose the Best Medical Coding School

If you are just thinking about a career in this field, your first and foremost step should be choosing the right Medical Coding School to get certified. It is exceedingly important to learn the correct Medical Coding protocols. If you find a school like Coding Clarified that helps you every step of the way, this will be a game changer. We offer scholarships and give you a valuable opportunity as an HCC intern. We will help you with writing a professional resume and guide you to available job opportunities. With classes starting daily, you can begin the journey to your new career anytime and even go at your own pace. We boast of our 100% success rating. If you are looking elsewhere, these are all great things to inquire about.

2. Apply for a Scholarship

Further education can be pricey. Why not get your schooling and Medical Coding Certification for FREE? Some schools offer scholarships. Coding Clarified works directly with your local Workforce to provide our Medical Coding Program at no cost to you, offering scholarships in many states throughout the nation. We suggest that all potential students APPLY NOW.

3. Get Financing

If you are not approved for a scholarship and you are unable to afford the cost of Medical Coding School, no worries. We offer many different financing options. Coding Clarified even has an option as low as $200 down and less than $100/month.

4. Be Sure to Study and Take the Practice Exam

Studying is a huge part of your success when passing the AAPC Medical Coding Exam for certification. Official CPC Certification Study Guides are the best resource. Practice exams are offered online and allow you to know if you are ready for the actual CPC exam. Be sure to take the practice exam prior to the real one. We include both of these helpful items if you are a student of ours.

5. Land an Internship

Internships give you the hands-on experience that you need to become a full CPC. We offer an HCC Internship opportunity to all Coding Clarified students. This will accelerate the process. If you are not a student and have already been certified but are having trouble landing the perfect job or getting the CPC status, we have an ED internship just for you.

6. Get Connected

You can learn a great deal of what you need to know about becoming a Medical Coder when you surround yourself with other experts in the field and other students that are in the same situation as you. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and join our Medical Coding Facebook Group.

7. Go through the Practicode Program

We get this question frequently. Should I complete the AAPC Medical Coding Practicode? The answer is most definitely. This online training program will help you as a new Medical Coder to become a full CPC rather than a CPC-A (Apprentice). Completing the Practicode speeds up the process of dropping the apprentice title. This paired with our internship is the way to go. Here is more information about Practicode.

8. Write a Professional Resume

A resume is an essential piece to help you land a Medical Coding job. This will outline your experience and allow the hiring company to know that you will be an asset to them. Coding Clarified helps all students with this. Here are more resume writing tips that can guide you with creating one.

9. Land a Job as a Certified Professional Coder

The final and main goal is to land the perfect Medical Coding job for you to start your career. Did you know that we have a job posting board directly on our site? Check out these amazing nationwide job opportunities.
Coding Clarified would love the opportunity to assist you in becoming a Certified Medical Coder. Learn more about us and apply now for a scholarship.
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