April 2, 2021
Tips For Moms Going Back To School in Medical Coding

Tips For Moms Going Back To School in Medical Coding

By Janine Mothershed

Whether you want to change career paths or gain more skills for your resume, it may be time to go back to school. If you are a mom, taking classes might sound overwhelming. If you do not have a particular career path, you may also be contemplating what path to take. The health and medical field is a necessity, it is in high demand and is always growing. You do not have to go to nursing school to get into the medical field. A growing career in the industry is Medical Coding. This may be a perfect option for you if you are a mother looking to start back up in the workforce.

What is Medical Coding?

A Medical Coder is a health professional that analyzes clinical documentation and assigns specific codes to medical data for insurance billing purposes. This is a much needed position for doctor’s offices and health establishments to operate smoothly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a higher than average growth rate for this job field. You can make a difference in the lives of others.

Tips For Moms Going Back to School

As a mom, going back to school can have its challenges. We are all busy, but it is possible to go back to school and embrace a career change. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to balance family, work and school duties.

Do Your Research: The first step is to find the perfect school for your career goals and financial means. There are many vocational schools and universities to choose from throughout the United States. Be sure to do your homework and find the right school for you. See what they offer. Know if you are better at online programs or in-person. Be sure to confirm that everything is included and that there will be no additional costs. If everything is not included, factor this into your decision. We offer online schooling as it is usually the best option for moms and include everything.

Get a Scholarship: Going to school can be costly. However, you do not always have to bear the financial burden on your own. There are many grant programs and scholarships out there, depending on your financial situation. Coding Clarified is partnered with multiple Workforces to offer FREE Medical Coding Certification Schooling in a great deal of the states in the US. Visit our scholarship page on our website to apply TODAY and get a head start.

Schedule Your Time in a Planner: Scheduling can be your greatest asset when going back to school. Blocking out time for kids, classes, homework (yours and kids) and family activities can help you stay organized and allows you to feel less overwhelmed. Be sure to purchase a nice planner. Having one that is tangible and can be written in can is useful, rather than just putting it into your phone. Actually use it and look at it every morning when you start your day. Do not procrastinate and leave things till the last minute.

Be Realistic: You may be thinking you want to get your schooling over with as soon as possible, our certification can be done in as little as 16 weeks, but it can be finished at your own pace. If it is easier and better for your lifestyle to finish it in a longer time, that is completely fine. Do what is realistic and feasible for your circumstances. Do not get frustrated. You will feel less stressed in the long run if you work at your own pace instead of rushing.

Reach out for Help: Sometimes life can gets chaotic, even more so when you have children. Be sure to reach out for help if you are struggling. Use your loved ones as motivation. You may need to ask friends or family to watch your children to put in some extra study time. If you are having a hard time understanding Medical Coding during your enrollment at Coding Clarified, we are here to help you through it. Do not get behind, ask questions.

Do NOT Feel Guilty: You are creating a better future for your children. Although you may have a little less time with your family, you are building a legacy for yourself. They will appreciate your hard work and be proud of you. Remember this is only temporary.

You may feel guilty about the cost. This is why we suggest that everyone applies for a scholarship to our program. If you do not qualify, we offer financing and our program is very low cost, to begin with. Everything is included for ONLY $3,750. This is a lot more attainable for most, as opposed to attending a university. Keep in mind that you are investing in your future and your children’s future.

Have a Dedicated Study Space: It is very important to have one space that you consistently go to in order to get into work mode. This should be a quiet place with little to no distractions so you are able to focus fully. Create a study space that is comfortable, but not so comfortable that you are tempted to fall asleep. A desk or table and comfy chair is the way to go.

Going back to school can be tricky, especially when you are a mom. By being realistic, planning out your schedule and finances, taking classes can be less challenging. Do not be afraid to reach out for extra help. Medical Coding offers an excellent opportunity to learn a new career where your job options can grow. Please do not give up on your dreams; make them come to fruition.

Learn more about our program. Apply for a scholarship to Coding Clarified. See more financing and tuition options.

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