March 2, 2021
Ready To Become A Medical Coder?

Ready To Become A Medical Coder?

By Janine Mothershed

You do NOT have to break the bank by attending a university to begin your career.

Vocational School VS University

If you have ever thought about starting a career in Medical Coding, you may have cringed at the idea of going back to school. Surprisingly, a four year degree from a university is NOT required. While a university is a great option for some, it is not the only (and certainly not the cheapest) option available to those who are interested in the medical field.

Why Study Medical Coding? 

The average Medical Coder earns $20-25 per hour. There are even opportunities to get time and a half with overtime. Aside from a decent salary, most Medical Coders also enjoy the perks of working from home and having a flexible schedule. Finally, Medical Coders can feel a strong sense of job security because hospitals will always be a necessity.

What Kind Of Certification Do I Need? 

To become a Medical Coder, you will need to earn a certification starting out as CPC-A (Certified Professional Coder Apprentice). One must pass the CPC Exam created by the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders).To become a full CPC, you will need to prove that you have two years of experience. Our 80 credit hour program counts as one year and we strongly suggest going through the AAPC Practicode program to count as one year of experience, once they have completed our program. If you are a student of ours, we will help you throughout the entire process and get you on the right track to land your first Medical Coding job.

Different Schooling Options Offered:

Certification Program: Certificate or diploma programs can usually be completed in as little as 6 months to a year. Our Medical Coding program takes as little as 16 weeks. These certificates are offered at vocational trade schools, such as Coding Clarified. Certification through a vocational trade school is less expensive and less time consuming than a university program. Coding Clarified’s Medical Coding Program is ONLY $3,750 and includes many added extras, books, a test voucher, an internship and a resume. Be sure to find out exactly what the school that you are interested in offers. We even offer scholarships so you can attend for FREE.

Expected cost: $3,000 – 7,000

Associate’s Degree: Associate’s programs take two years to complete. These programs can be found at community colleges and the credits can usually be applied to further education, such as a bachelor’s degree.

Expected cost: $8,000 – 12,000

Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor’s programs take four years to complete. If you are interested in other careers in the medical field, this may be the best plan for you.

Expected cost: $20,000 – 40,000

If you are looking to get your Medical Coding Certification, Coding Clarified is a perfect option for you. For Medical Coding, a university is not needed. If you have your heart set on a different medical career, such as a doctor, you will be required to complete a lot more schooling and will need to choose a university.

If you are ready to get started right away, have an interest in the medical field, prefer to spend less on classes and do not want to wait 2-4 years, a vocational trade school sounds like an amazing choice.


Consider attending Coding Clarified to follow your dreams in becoming a Medical Coder. Apply for a Scholarship TODAY.

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