June 4, 2024

Wisconsin Medical Coding Scholarships

By Janine Mothershed

Do you live in Wisconsin and have an interest in medical coding?

Coding Clarified can offer Medical Coding Training scholarships in Wisconsin!

The AAPC 2023 Salary Survey for Wisconsin is annual $64,494  Hourly $31.01


Compelling reasons why becoming a medical coder in Wisconsin, or anywhere else, can be a rewarding career choice:

  1. Growing Demand: Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Wisconsin and across the United States. As the population ages and healthcare services expand, the demand for medical coders continues to rise. This means more job opportunities and job security for qualified medical coders.
  2. Flexibility: Medical coding offers flexibility in terms of work settings and schedules. Coders can work in hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, insurance companies, or even from home as remote coders. Additionally, many positions offer flexible work hours, including part-time and freelance opportunities.
  3. Good Salary Potential: Medical coding can offer a competitive salary, especially with experience and relevant certifications. In Wisconsin, medical coders typically earn salaries that are above the national average. As you gain experience and expertise, you may also have opportunities for advancement into supervisory or managerial roles.
  4. Intellectual Challenge: Medical coding requires a strong understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, and coding guidelines. It involves problem-solving and attention to detail, which can be intellectually stimulating. For those who enjoy working with data and solving puzzles, medical coding can be a satisfying career choice.
  5. Career Growth and Advancement: With the right training and certifications, medical coders can advance their careers in various ways. They may specialize in specific areas of coding, such as inpatient or outpatient coding, or pursue further education to become coding auditors, educators, or consultants.
  6. Contribution to Healthcare: Medical coders play a crucial role in the healthcare system by ensuring accurate and timely coding of medical procedures and diagnoses. Their work directly impacts patient care, reimbursement for healthcare services, and healthcare data analysis, which is essential for improving healthcare delivery and outcomes.
  7. Work-Life Balance: Many medical coding positions offer a good work-life balance, allowing coders to maintain a fulfilling career while also having time for family, hobbies, and other interests.

Overall, becoming a medical coder in Wisconsin can offer a rewarding career with good job prospects, competitive salaries, and opportunities for growth and advancement.

Please read these grant funding steps for Wisconsin!

Download WI Directions

What’s the process in getting approved for the state of Wisconsin?

    1. Find your closest workforce location in your area by visiting the following link: https://www.wisconsinjobcenter.org/directory/
    2. Click on the location closest to your residence Contact your closest local workforce and request eligibility screening for a WIOA Grant for training (WRITE DOWN YOUR ASSIGNED CASE WORKERS NAME & EMAIL AS YOU WILL NEED THAT FOR THE NEXT STEP)
    3.  Contact your closest local workforce and request eligibility screening for a WIOA Grant for training (WRITE DOWN YOUR ASSIGNED CASE WORKERS NAME & EMAIL AS YOU WILL NEED THAT FOR THE NEXT STEP)
    4. NOTE: CIP CODE 51.0713 (Provide this to your Caseworker upon request) Web address to locate CIP for informational purposehttps://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/cipcode/Default.aspx?y=56

      Title: Medical Insurance Coding Specialist/Coder.

      Definition: A program that prepares individuals to perform specialized data entry, classification, and record-keeping procedures related to medical diagnostic, treatment, billing, and insurance documentation. Includes instruction in medical records and insurance software applications, basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, fundamentals of medical science and treatment procedures, data classification and coding, data entry skills, and regulations relating to Medicare and insurance documentation.

      How to verify Coding Clarified is an APPROVED training provider in your state

      1. Click on the following link:   https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/ETPL/Home/ProgramSearch
      2. Type Coding Clarified in the Search box then click Search

If you run into any difficulties or your local workforce office has any questions please have them contact Coding Clarified by email  [email protected] or [email protected]   or 833-633-2633. **Email is preferred*


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