January 2, 2021
Professional Resume Writing Tips For Medical Coders

Professional Resume Writing Tips For Medical Coders

By Janine Mothershed

A resume is an essential document that will help you land the perfect job as a Medical Coder. This will give you precise instructions on how to create a Medical Coding resume and what to include.

Importance of a Professional Resume for Medical Coding Employers:

While you may spend hours or even days to draft a final version of your resume, your employer will probably spend 10 seconds looking at it.

Why is it still so important, you may ask? Employing eyes are scanning for certain keywords in your resume, there are certain skills that they are looking for. If you include those, your chances of being hired are much higher.

What Should be Included in your Medical Coding Resume?

Divide your resume into definite sections to make it easy to look over at a glance. You can follow this simple and effective layout:

  • Header: Make your name stand out.
  • Contact Information: Include your phone number and email for contact purposes. You may want to include your home address also.
  • Write a Professional Summary: This is a short and clear statement of three to four lines about you and your experience. Think of this as a mini bio. It should give the hiring person a quick overview of your professional background and why you are the perfect fit for this job.
  • Enlist Your Skills: Mention hard skills related to medical coding. For example, Ahima, CPC, ICD-10-CM and Medical Records.
  • Relevant Experience: All work experience that is relevant to the position you are applying for will be included. This is an extremely important section. Even if you do not have much experience, it is never a good idea to leave this section empty.
  • Your Education: Brief summary of your diplomas, degrees, graduation, academic accolades and possibly GPA if it is good enough to show off.
  • Your Certifications: Add extra value to your proposal by adding any additional certificates, training or diplomas relating to Medical Coding.
  • Events Attended: If you have been to any health, medical events or conferences, be sure to mention these. This will show dedication and interest in the field.

Some Important Tips to Remember:

  • Keep your resume short and to the point. One page is ideal and more than two pages is overkill.
  • Choose a good template for your medical coding resume. It should be clean, simple and easy to go through.
  • Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Canva offer many good resume templates. This will make your task much easier, make it look more professional and stand out from your competition.
  • Don’t forget to mention something that is unique about you. For example, if you are excellent at working in fast-paced environments then do mention this.

Following this process, you can end up making a good enough resume that you will land a Medical Coding job. Our Medical Coding Certification program includes a professionally written resume written for you by a Medical Coding Professional Resume Writer. This is just one of the perks included as a student of Coding Clarified.

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