May 3, 2024
CPC Medical Coding Course Comparison (Coding Clarified vs other coding schools)

Why Coding Clarified is the Best Place to Learn Medical Coding

By Janine Mothershed

Unraveling the Excellence: Why Coding Clarified Reigns Supreme in Medical Coding Education

Let Coding Clarified Clarify Coding for You! In the realm of medical coding education, where precision, accuracy, and mastery are paramount, one platform stands tall above the rest: Aspiring medical coders, seasoned professionals, and curious learners alike find solace and enlightenment in the unparalleled offerings of this digital sanctuary. Let’s delve into the myriad of reasons why is unequivocally the best place to learn medical coding.

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: At Coding Clarified, the journey toward medical coding proficiency begins with a meticulously crafted curriculum that leaves no stone unturned. From foundational concepts to advanced techniques, learners are guided through a progressive series of modules designed to foster a deep understanding of medical coding principles. 
  2. Expert Guidance: The hallmark of Coding Clarified lies in its cadre of seasoned experts who serve as beacons of knowledge and mentors par excellence. With years of industry experience under their belts, these instructors/mentors provide invaluable insights, real-world examples, and personalized guidance to empower learners at every step of their educational voyage. 
  3. Cutting-Edge Resources: In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare and technology, staying abreast of the latest developments is imperative. Coding Clarified ensures that its learners are equipped with the most up-to-date resources, including coding manuals, case studies, interactive quizzes, and multimedia tutorials, to sharpen their skills and stay ahead of the curve.

What Does Coding Clarified Offer with Our AAPC CPC Medical Coding Online Program?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Access the online medical coding CPC class covering CPT, ICD10, and HCPC. Coding Clarified is an approved AAPC vendor using the AAPC CPC curriculum.
  • Study Materials: Workbook and textbook provided.
  • Student Success Rate: Our curriculum boasts an average pass rate of 83%.
  • Instructor Support: Instructor audio files for each chapter, helping you implement notes and find answers quickly during the AAPC CPC exam.
  • One-on-One Support: Personalized support with the instructor as needed.

Student Success: Our Commitment to Your Achievement

  • Resume Assistance: Professionally written resume through our partnership with Resumes4Coders. Resumes4Coders 
  • AAPC Membership: Included, a $210 value.
  • CPC Exam Voucher: Included, a $399 value.
  • Job Placement Assistance: Resources and support for job placement.
  • Online HCC Internship: Gain valuable experience to enhance your resume.
  • Practice Exam: Free 50-question practice exam to prepare you.
  • Practicode: A $250 AAPC Practicode to help remove the apprentice status from your CPC credential.

We set our students up for success with a curriculum that averages an 83% pass rate.

Start your AAPC CPC training today! Enroll now.

Additional Benefits and Resources for Coding Clarified Students

Final Thoughts

Choosing Coding Clarified for your medical coding education ensures you receive the best training, resources, and support to excel in your career. Join us today and take the first step towards a successful career in medical coding.

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