November 2, 2020

Becoming a Certified Medical Coder

By Janine Mothershed

About Medical Coding

Medical coders translate and convert certain healthcare procedures, diagnosis, medical services and equipment into a universal medical alphanumeric code. Medical Coders form an important integral part of the healthcare industry. Online Medical Coding Courses are designed to certify and educate an individual to become a skillful coder that helps healthcare facilities, insurance payers and patients to navigate the complexities of the many laws, regulations and guidelines related to the business side of healthcare.

Career Opportunities

Medical Coding offers opportunities for self-advancement in the medical and health care field without a long duration of medical schooling. A great deal of new Medical Coding jobs are proposed to be available within the next decade in the US. Medical Coding pays an average wage of $20-25 per hour. Now is the time to become a medical coder.

The Simplicity of Becoming a Medical Coder

Medical Coding Schools like Coding Clarified offer online courses to become a Certified Medical Coder. It is very simple to earn your certification and there are many advantages to become a Certified Medical Coder through a Medical Coding School.

  1. Get Certified Quickly. One can complete our entire course within only 16 weeks. There is significantly less schooling time compared to other health and medical careers.
  2. Certification Process is Flexible. Online schooling and course instructions make it very convenient and flexible for anyone to take this course. Online Certification and Career counseling is also part of the course, which is an added advantage.
  3. It is Cost Effective. Recent tuition fees at state colleges are an average of $11K for state residents and $40K at private colleges yearly.  Our Medical Coding course can be completed for ONLY $3,750 with everything included. It is far less than an education at a university. Scholarships are offered to those that qualify. Financing and payment plans are available for those that are unable to get a scholarship. These options make it so anyone can achieve a first-rate healthcare career.
  4. Getting Your Certification is Convenient. Our online program is work at your own pace. You can finish it as quickly as you would like. The online platform is easily accessible for you to work on when it is a good time for you.
  5. The CPC Exam is Simple. This exam is the universal test to become a Certified Professional Coder. It was created by the AAPC and is multiple choice. The CPC Exam can even be taken online and is open book. Students who have passed the exam prove their knowledge of databases and software including CPT, HCPCS Level II and ICD-10-CM codes and make themselves the best candidate to land their dream job when applying for Medical Coding jobs.
  6. Medical Coding Internship. We offer all Coding Clarified students an Online internship to gain initial experience. This will give you knowledge and help you become a CPC, rather  than just an apprentice.
  7. Everything is Included. Our Medical Coding program is all inclusive. We make it very simple for you to pay one price and get everything that you need. Coding Clarified includes all Medical Coding books, test voucher for CPC Exam, preparation of an impressive Resume, 1-on-1 guidance from Medical Coding experts and interactive support groups.

Start your journey as a Medical Coder. Apply for a FREE scholarship today. If you do not qualify, take a look at our financing options and payment plans. If you want to purchase up-front that is an option too.

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