Create Your AAPC Account-Step by Step Guide

  1. You need to create an AAPC Account. Do that by clicking
  2. Visit and click SIGN IN/SIGN UP in the top right corner.
  3. Fill in your information then click CREATE
  4. You must Add your Address for us to ship books to your account. Click on the username top right corner and select Profile Preferences
  5. Enter in your contact information most important is a correct address (apt # if applicable) then click update
  6. Hover over your name top right and collect the AAPC Customer #
  7. Add AAPC Customer # to your Coding Clarified enrollment page student details section. My Example AAPC# is 02157417
  8. Lastly, complete Docusign via email. Upon completion of this we can then order books, create logins etc.
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